Ceylon Traveller


CNN Correspondent and host of Quest Means Busi-ness, Richard Quest was pre-sented with the Ceylon Tray-ellermobile app, by Xiteb's CEO Dhanesh R. Jayathila-ka, at the recently held Future of Tourism Summit organized by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts.

Named 2019's No. 1 Travel Destination by world renowned travel magazine Lonely Planet, Sri Lanka is home to a booming tourism industry.

Despite the events of April. the :stand is set to welcome over two million tourists this year with its pristine beaches, diverse mountain ranges, and rich cultural legacy.

Xiteb's CEO presents Ceylon Traveller mobile ap to Kishu Gomas

At the recently hel in P namon Future of Tourism Xiteb has engaged in developing many other CSR Atty. erg Summit organized by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, projects throughout the years. HodaBass, an

Xiteb (Pvt.) Ltd, one of the multinational website, mobile apps and software development companies in Sri Lanka, developed Ceylon Traveller, an ideal mobile app for all travellers and tourists who love to roam around Sri Lanka.