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CNN's Quest requests Xiteb CEO to take Ceylon Traveller Mobile App to next level with CNN services
opendby Xieb during a time where the tourist industry of Sri Lanka was facing a crisis situa-tion. In aid of the uplift-ment of the industry. Xiteb developed a mobile app which includes unique destinations in Sri Lanka which has rarely been visited by tourists and Sri Lankans!

At the Future of Tourism Summit held at Cinnamon Gran& Richard Quest seemed highly impressed by the concept and the major CSR project handled by Xiteb. He was will ing to give his itmost sup-port to promote the app among foreigners. He even requested Xiteb to use CNN as a platform to promote Ceylon Traveller, because if marketing is not done right, the app will not be used right.

Xiteb was pleased by the feedback received from Quest and other participants at the conference last September. According to what Quest stated, the app will be really appreciated by for-eign tourists. See www. ceylontravellerAlt/regis-tert