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Xiteb's CEO presents Ceylon Traveller mobile ap to Kishu Gomas

At the recently hel in P namon Future of Tourism Xiteb has engaged in developing many other CSR Atty. erg Summit organized by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, projects throughout the years. HodaBass, an

award Xiteb's CEO Dhanesh Jayathilaka presented the winning website & mobile app, is a platform that newly developed Ceylon Traveller mobile app, which connects services-providers with customerswho are was the most recent CSR project handled by Xiteb to in need of masons, plumbers, electricians, carpenters KishuGomas- Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion etc. The project was awarded as the Best Community Board (SLTPB) Empowerment Programme in the year 2017, at the SLT

Kishu Gomas, extended his best wishes to the Zero One Awards Ceremony. company on promoting the concept which is to When presented with a docket that had detailed populate the untraversed niche locations in Sri Lanka insights about the Ceylon Traveller app, Richard among tourists. Quest, CNN Correspondent and Host of Quest

The app is available on Playstore & App store Means Business even volunteered to provide certain for both Android & iOS users. Out of the many CSR services to promote the Ceylon Traveller app among projects done by %deb, Ceylon Traveller stands at foreigners, through CNN as he admired the entire the top, since the concept was initiated during a concept and its objective. time where the tourist industry of Sri Lanka was Furthermore, Tourism Minister John Amarathunga submerged due to the conflict which took place in and Special Advisor to the Secretary General of the the country. United Nations World Tourism Organisation, Anita The app provided immense support to the Mendiratta too appreciated Xiteb's effort in helping upliftment of the industry by promoting unique the upliftment of the tourist industry. locations which were of value and rarely discovered Xiteb was the official Digital Partner of the Future by tourists. Some locations were places which cannot of Tourism Summit for the second consecutive year be found on Google maps itself. Therefore, there is a (2017, 2019) and is looking forward to working with tendency that Google will make use of the app to add Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, hand in hand for more such unexplored destinations to their map. years to come.