Ceylon Traveller


CNN Correspondent and host of Quest Means Busi-ness, Richard Quest was pre-sented with the Ceylon Tray-ellermobile app, by Xiteb's CEO Dhanesh R. Jayathila-ka, at the recently held Future of Tourism Summit organized by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts.

Ceylon Traveller Mobile App was developed by Xiteb during a time where the tour-ist industry of Sri Lanka was facing a crisis situation. In aid of the upliftment of the industry, Xiteb developed a mobile app which includes unique destinations in Sri Lanka which has rarely been visited by tourists and Sri Lankans. At the Future of Tourism Summit held at Cin-namon Grand, Richard Quest seemed highly impressed by the concept and the major CSR project handled by Xiteb . He was willing to give his utmost support to promote the app among for-eigners. He even requested Xiteb to use CNN as a plat-form to promote Ceylon Traveller, because if market-ing is not done right, the app will not be used right.

Xiteb was pleased by the feedback received from Quest and other participants at the conference last Sep-CNN Correspondent and host of Quest Means Busi- tember. According to what ness, Richard Quest with the Ceylon Travellermobile Quest stated, the app would app, by Xiteb 's CEO Dhanesh R. Jayathilaka. be really appreciated by foreign tourists.