Ceylon Traveller


Mobile App for Tourism Industry launched

Xiteb® Pvt Ltd one of the multinational Website, Mobile apps & Software development companies in Ski Lanka, developed Ceylon Traveller, an ideal Mobile 7-, App for all travellers & tourists who love to roam 42. around Sri Lanka.

The concept was suggested as it seemed to be a timi, ly required app for Sri lanka.Due to the series of bomb: attacks that took place in the country the tourist industry faced a crisis situation, where most travel agencies failed to meet their expected organizational goals. , Xiteb's CEO Dhanesh R. Jayathilaka stated that "As a good corporate citizen, it is our individual responsibility to help in fortifying the tourist industry." Thus the sole objective of developing the app was to contribute towards the upliftment of the tourism industry from its pl ight. Ceylon Traveller is the latest and one of the major CSR projects the company has been working on. There are many other CSR projects conducted by Xiteb®. The HodaBass® Website & Mobile App was recognized anel, awarded as the Best Community Empowerment Pro- 4".4 gramme in the year 2017, at the SLT Zero One Awards.: Ceremony. The Ceylon IP' • * . • Traveller app • serves the pur- 4 . pose of find-ing unique 136/61066ci locations whichyou itsvAerrets cannot find
easily within Sri Lanka for travellers & tourists.